02 Day Trek to Humantay Lake Private Service



This 02 Day Trek to Humantay Lake – Private Service will take you through the most picturesque landscapes and native people of the Limatambo area. Discover with us one of the hike on trend, which for its natural beauty has become known worldwide. On the way you can enjoy the fantastic landscapes, as well as the magnificent snowy peaks of Humantay and Salkantay. You will have the pleasure of being at the foot of one of the most emblematic snows of the city of Cusco. You can rest under the starry sky of the Andes that will captivate you with its spectacular constellations, a great adventure of ecotourism given in the highest parts of nature. Let Mother Nature guide you through the most spectacular places and get the peace of mind of making this unique experience in the Andes.
Duration: 2 days
City: Cusco
Country: Peru
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