Akamas Panorama (short) Walk – (private from Limassol)



Phivos Ioannides, who would be guiding the trip and the walk, is a world traveller with extensive studies, wide business and other experiences. He is involved for many years in the sector of authentic ecotourism in Cyprus and is the author of a relevant guide book (with the title ‘Exploring Authentic Cyprus’). He is a Greek Cypriot and specialises on guided walking trips.
Our usual transportation (Citroen C8 MPV) can take upto six adult passengers and a driver. We keep groups small, in order to offer a more personalised service.
Akamas is a jewel of Cyprus nature. The walk is largely along the ridge of the Akamas peninsula. Initially walkers enjoy vistas of Lara coast and consequently of the dramatic ragged north Akamas coast. There is a chapel, a nature monument (huge, old oak) and ruins of a monastery on the route.
Duration: 8 to 10 hours
City: Neo Chorion
Country: Cyprus
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