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My all day tours normally take place from 10.00 am until 6.00 pm, although the start and end of the tour is individually set. The standard pick up place is at the port of Hvar, but when possible, I pick up guests at their accommodation/hotel. Skipper and fuel are always included in the arranged price, while lunch is not and is optional. My boat can take maximum 6 passengers, has a cooler with water provided for guests on the tour, as well as snorkelling gear.My tours are always tailored according to my guests’ preferences. I must say I am happiest when they go with my suggestions as that way they get to see the best Hvar area has to offer. As a local skipper whose life has always revolved around the sea (either as a child who was brought up in a family of fishermen and boat owners, then as a professional fisherman and for many years now a boats owner) I can say this area is known to me as the back of my hand. And there are amazing places I would like you to see!
Duration: 7 hours
City: Hvar
Country: Croatia
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