Gold Coast Private Skippered Limo on the Water Canal Cruise



Stand out from the rest onboard our flagship vessel Limo on the Water. Sit back and relax while our guide takes you on a 1-5 Hour Sea the Sights Tour of the Gold Coast in our luxurious unique electric boat providing the ultimate experience in relaxation, fun & soft adventure. Our custom built boat is safe, and is particularly good for those people who have never been on a boat before. When you glide across the water, you’ll be treated to a totally different boating experience, silky smooth & whisper quiet, your senses will thank you! Truly unwind & feel at one with the shimmering waters as you enjoy the peaceful serene experience of having a guide onboard. From the moment you embark, your tour will encompass all of what the Gold Coast is famous for: Cruising the magnificent canals, showcasing some of the Gold Coast prestigious real estate, spectacular skyline & wildlife. Duration: 1-5 hours Skippered Cruise for up to 12 people.
Duration: 1 to 5 hours
City: Main Beach
Country: Australia
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