Intimate, Andean Weaving Tradition Including Huaypo Lagoon



The Inca textile art is one of the oldest textile traditions of the Andes and it became one of the most developed during the Inca apogee, due to the use of different materials and techniques (result of its hybrid culture acquired thanks to the conquests of other Andean ethnic groups). The Incas managed to produce a wide variety of clothing and items for everyday use.

Huaypo is one of the most beautiful lagoons of the Sacred Valley, Beautiful lagoon with crystal clear waters, Huaypo welcomes a wide variety of fish and birds (Local Trout, king Fish, Parihuana or Flamingos, local ducks, Andean Caracara, Hummingbird, and some more) around the perimeter and extension of the lagoon within its approximately 1.5km by 800m in length, fully recommended for bird watching and a great Picnic area surrounded by the great fields of agriculture use by the Local Quechuas.

Duration: 6 hours
City: Cusco
Country: Peru
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