Organic French Wine Discovery and Tasting in Nice



Jumpstart your French wine knowledge by tasting organic wine from 6 of France’s main wine regions.
The perfect introduction to French Wine at a wine merchant’s depot in Nice. You taste a variety of organic wines on this fun pre-dinner activity. Your guide, a professional sommelier, will explain the different wine regions of France, the grapes used and why this is so important to understanding French wine. You will come away from this tasting understanding how to read a French wine label, the art of wine-tasting and how Champagne is made. All of this while sampling generous tastings of six different organic wines, including a Champagne — an ideal way to start an evening out!
This small-group tour is limited to 12 people to ensure a more personalised attention from your guide
Duration: 2 hours
City: Nice
Country: France
Average Rating: 5.0


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